Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daves Triumph named "Jan"

We built this cool little 67 Triumph bobber a couple months ago for "Diamond" Dave the paint genius.  This thing is super clean and has alot of cool little details.  We finished the bike in time to take it to Vintage Torque Fest in eastern IA.  Curt Lout shot the bike for Street Chopper Magazine at that event.
 Tank bracket tacked up
 We had to narrow the fender a bit to fit the tyre right
 I spun some alum spacers to fit the spool front to the DNA
 Here is the initial mock up
 we spaced the risers up a little
 fender struts and tag bracket in place
 positioning of the tag bracket
 here is a close up of the mounting brackets
Here is the finished product after chrome all wired up and ready
I will be doing a Jan #2 post so you can see the finished product.

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