Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Foggy Wednesday Eve

This is good "Diamond" Dave and Ian burnin em down last night at the shop.

The Chop Shop Pre Sturgis Riot

So I have decided to throw a bash for anyone who is rolling through on their way to Sturgis this year.  This will be a good oppertunity to meet some new folks and for them to see what we do here at the shop.  There should be a good local croud that show up with some pretty cool rides.  The may even be a few motorcycle legends that show up.  Stop in, hang out, drink some beers, and talk motorcycles.  Hope to see you all there.  This invitation is extended to all, so lets see what we can make of it.  Who knows it could be a yearly event.  If you have questions call Harley at 712-223-2833.  Thanx.

"Jan" #2

Here are the second round of pics for Dave's Triumph. I guess this one is going to run in Cycle Source Magazine now.

 Frame painted, motor and Oil tank in
 rear fender and tag bracket installed
 She's a roller now
 Here is a good look at the drive side
 Tank is on and it looks killer
 Its comin along now
  Here is the finished product, Keep your eyes on Cycle Source it will be in an upcoming issue.  I will keep you all posted on the magazine progress.  Well I gotta go fer now cause I have a small horde of Shovels to get done so, "later all".  Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daves Triumph named "Jan"

We built this cool little 67 Triumph bobber a couple months ago for "Diamond" Dave the paint genius.  This thing is super clean and has alot of cool little details.  We finished the bike in time to take it to Vintage Torque Fest in eastern IA.  Curt Lout shot the bike for Street Chopper Magazine at that event.
 Tank bracket tacked up
 We had to narrow the fender a bit to fit the tyre right
 I spun some alum spacers to fit the spool front to the DNA
 Here is the initial mock up
 we spaced the risers up a little
 fender struts and tag bracket in place
 positioning of the tag bracket
 here is a close up of the mounting brackets
Here is the finished product after chrome all wired up and ready
I will be doing a Jan #2 post so you can see the finished product.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corkskrew and Galen

A couple more progress pics of Cork and Galen.

 Corks new bars made by Kilby Deuce, I machined the weld in risers and solid bushings.

 I think they fit the bike well.
 Galen's getting ready to start the pipes, fab the front seat pan, fab the headlights bracket, and finish some other little small crap.  We gotta keep pluggin.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Here is some of the progress on the 70's chopper of Galen's.  This thing is gonna be so rad.  In the beginning I hated it, but the more I build and work on it.  The more I love it..  She's gonna be a trip to ride.  Sorry if a couple of the images are a little fuzzy, a photographer I'm not.
 We decided to scratch build our own forward controls.
 We got the making of the bent and tapered leavers down pretty good.
 set up with the master in place I think they will work.
 and they add a little bit of handcrafted style
 shift side all done
 We added the same touch to the sissy bar, Some like it some don't. 
 fender and tail light section  My rendition and an omage to the "Crazy Frank Fender"
 Motor mount is finished, well almost.  I think we will sheetmetal in the center.
 top view of the oil tank mounted.  It took me a while to finish the oil tank.
 I machined and knurled a nice little billet cap
 I also machined a weld in manifold block for the oil lines.
 The swing arm is now finish welded and mounted.  I love how it turned out.
Here is a prelim mock up.  I have some more complete images but havn't got them off of my camera yet.
Sorry all.  It has been quite some time since my last post.  There has been alot going on since I last posted.  So the 70's style chopper we r building for my buddy Galen is getting real close.  I also built a pretty rad aluminium live well for a guy, and we have been moving forward on the Corkskrew project.  Here are some of the pics.
 Live well built from 3003 H-14 welds up real nice.
 The initial box itself
 lay out for the lid and predrilled.
 cut the opening
 with the lid fitted
 adjustable feet I machined in the CNC
All of the parts ready to test fit and mount in the boat.

What do you think?