Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Corrections and Additions

So I've gotten some feed back on what you want to see.  First I will make my corrections.  Landskark one word no capitol "S", Dreamcatcher one word no capitol "C", and it seems I left out a few faces around the shop so here they are.
" Corkskrew" slackin as usual
"J Ditty" AKA "Hoppy"

As for content I am working on posting a couple of Land Speed projects and I will do a post on the group of rigid Indians in the shop.  Also I am gonna start a series of vintage motorcycle and Automotive pics.

Friday, November 18, 2011

One off swing arm

Building a wide tire 2" streched twin tube swing arm for a Period Chop 69 FLH frame.

First order of business was to build the fixture plate
The first machine process on the axel plates

Second machine process(spuds for proper tube fitment)

Third give these babys some style

Axel plates finished with adjuster rings

Set up to cope the twin tubes which are bent up and tacked

Fiting pieces in the fixture and tackin em up

Close up of the Axel plate with adjusters installed

Mock up with the shocks an all

Next order of business is to finish weld, Install brake stay bung, get stiffer shocks cause these are way too soft, And start the fender fabrication

Monday, November 14, 2011

El Shovelle on E-Bay

Here is the link to the E-Bay Listing for Our 2011 AMD bike "El Shovelle". 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at 712-223-2833.  Ask for Harley. Thanx

What Do You Guys Want To See?

Just gonna throw this out to all of you watchers out there.  What Kind of content would you all like to see posted?  As always I like to keep everyone involved.  Let me know.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a couple of bikes we have built

A Honda CL 450 Bobber built for a friend of mine in Rapid City
And My 1972 Triumph Bonneville Chopper ( My not so daily rider)

Faces around the shop

 A.Q.  down and dirty
 The famous Grey Cat and I
Turbo, "Diamond" Dave and I AMD 2011

The "Legend" Land Shark on The Dream Catcher at Bonneville

El Shovelle Pics

Pics by Onno Wieringa

El Shovelle For Sale

Well, Here goes.  I'm new to this whole blog thing so bear with me as I learn.  El Shovelle is now for sale.  If interested go to http://www.jeffersonchopshop.com/ to get contact info.  This thing is a blast to ride, Light and fast.