Thursday, April 26, 2012

So May 4-5 we will be heading to eastern Iowa to Torque Fest.  Dave and I are gonna take El Shovelle and his new Triumph Bobber to the shindig and hang for a couple of days.  We will be meeting up with Milwaukee Mike from Cycle Source to do a photo shoot there at Torque Fest.  Been crazy around here as of late doing lots of stuff.  The Shovel chopper is coming along.  I did a Crazy frank style fender for a bike Moose is buildin for a friend, and lots going on with the Jag project.  Got a 67 BSA Hornet we are doing some work on too.  I also just sold my old 72 Triumph Bonneville chopper today.  Damn I'm gonna mis that thing, but its on to somthing new.  Maybe that will give me the motivation to get moving on the J.A.P. project.  I promise I will get after posting some new pics.  REALLY!!!

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