Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inverted DNA

Just finished modifying a springer front end for a buddy of mine.  We test rode it and it rides great.  He is super stoked on the thing as am I.  Here are a few shots of the build up and the finished product.

 Front end before the cut
 cut down spring perch and head lamp mount(crappy pic sorry)
 Lower spring mount tacked
 rough machined upper spring mounts
 Upper spring mounts tacked in
 all the parts in their place
 a little side profile
 The day of the first test ride.  Left the front legs long at first.
The finished product after chrome. Note the small rebound springs just to soften the blow.  This was a very good learning exercise for me.  I love a good geometry test, Not!!  I hated math, now I use it every day.  Who would have thought.

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