Wednesday, February 29, 2012

69 Jag E-Type

We are curently restoring this car for a customer. The chassis was done when the car came in. Since then we have finished the body work and painted the car. We have been busy sorting hardware and sending parts off to plating. The engine and carbs were sent off to Walt at Vintage Jag, and he did a bang up job for us. My buddy "Diamond" Dave did the stunning paint job. I have been working on getting the Trans done, new syncros, gaskets, and what not. We have the gauges back from being rebuilt, and are ready to start putting this beauty back togeather. I will try to post updates on this project as time permits. Anywho here are some progress pics:
This is as the car sat when we recieved it in build primer.

These shots are after Dave shot the car.  The paint is stunning, and the pics don't do it justice.

I know a little out of sequence.  Here is the car in primer prior to paint.

The carbs all new and shiney.  Thanx Walt.

The radiator pefore.

And after a good cleaning, streightening, and some paint.

"Diamond" Dave doin his thang.

And the motor after being gone through by Walt.

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