Friday, December 9, 2011

Parts For Sale

So I have been cleaning house, in hopes to drum up some of the funds to get after the LSR J.A.P.  I have a ton of stuff that I am willing to let go.  Gotta stop hording stuff!!  The motor is an 80 80" Shovel.  We tore it down to rebuild it for El Shovelle but decided on the new S&S after the fact.  Came out of a running bike.  The trans and belt drive were for the same project but again went with new.  If you have a need or want or have questions. Call or E-mail at 712-223-2833 or
80 80" motor $2000

motor is disassembled. I tore it down to inspect it.

Bendix carb(cleaner an intake), shovel motor mounts, Shovel rocker boxes, 2 Pan intakes(1 Bendix, 1 SU),  Shovel intake Dellorto (New)

Misc Bars
some I fabbed some I bought

Let me know what you guys need.  I am willing to negotiate on this stuff.

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