Monday, August 5, 2013

The Pre Sturgis Party

The party went well.  Not a very big crowd this year but oh well.  This thing is always fun, and I get to see friends I don't normally see.  Oh yah, and meet some new ones.  Milwaukee Mike, and Kayla Koeune came from Milwaukee.  Kayla is an artist that paints motorcycle subject matter.  Her stuff is very cool check it out at .  You all should know Mike.  He works for Cycle Source Magazine.  Danny rode in from Canada again.  It is always good to see him, a real good cat.  The famous Panhead Billy showed up and hung with us. This guy is a legend if you have never met him, but I am honored to have had the chance.  Of course the Chop Shop crew was pretty much all here too.  Ditty, Bill Mize, Jerry, Lil Mike, Turbo, Ian, Sketchy, Josh, Steve The Sleeve, Land Shark, an me.  Was a good night.  I had to do some welding on Kayla's Pipes, the mount for her thunderheader broke on the way here.  Danny also blew a brake line but we got it fixed up thanks to Al at Al's Custom Cycles.  He had what we needed.  Here are a couple of pics.

 Panhead Billy and Milwaukee Mike.  Billy's Pan loaded down and ready to roll.
Mike and Danny watchin Billy fire up the pan Sat morning. Danny's Shovel in the forground

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