Friday, January 4, 2013

The Cork Skrew, Cut Down Cam Cover

We have been workin on the Skrew a little as of late.  We decided to change the looks of the motor from the right hand side.  Cork bought a set of early ironhead rockerboxes that will get a good polishin and find their way onto the bike.  We also decided to cut down the cam cover.  So here are a few images of the cam cover mod.
Here is the initial layout, and some random crap on the drafting table.
The close up
The cover was then rough cut in the band saw.
Then some diegrinder magic to blend in the lines a shade, and smooth out the cut edge.
Next we will make a skirt that will get TIG welded around the cut portion and Bobs Yer Uncle.  Stay tuned for the progress on this project, It is comin togeather fast now.  Lots of cool fab stuff.

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