Monday, January 9, 2012

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians???

A day at The Chop Shop with Land Shark, and Steve The Sleeve.  We hung out, ate Shark's road kill chilli, and played Indian motorcycles for two days streight.  We finished off the neck bearing conversions on all of the rigid frames, and stuck Steve's 37 in the jig to check it out.  Steve brought his camera equipment down to document our play date, so here are a few images.  Hold on so you don't get Indian overlaod though.
 Steve's 46 Chief in the rear, Shark's 32 Stranded Chout in the middle, Frames L to R  Steve's 37, Shirley's 38, and Shark's 39.  Oh baby, Cool Shit.
 Land Shark and I in the mess, with the Doodle Bug soon to be Scream Liner added to the pile of Kool.
 32, 37, 38, 39 all rolling stock in front of the shop.  Ducks in a row, "WOW". Is this smut or what?
 Again the girls in a row.
 Steve The Sleeve and his 46 on back up.
 Sharky Boy and I.  This'll be one to show my grand kids some day.
 Shark's 39er
 Shark's 32 Stranded Chout
 Shirley's 38
Steve's 37
Wow, what a day at the Choppe' Shoppe'.  Thanx to Sharky Boy and Steve.

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