Friday, November 18, 2011

One off swing arm

Building a wide tire 2" streched twin tube swing arm for a Period Chop 69 FLH frame.

First order of business was to build the fixture plate
The first machine process on the axel plates

Second machine process(spuds for proper tube fitment)

Third give these babys some style

Axel plates finished with adjuster rings

Set up to cope the twin tubes which are bent up and tacked

Fiting pieces in the fixture and tackin em up

Close up of the Axel plate with adjusters installed

Mock up with the shocks an all

Next order of business is to finish weld, Install brake stay bung, get stiffer shocks cause these are way too soft, And start the fender fabrication

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  1. Hi, love the swingarm. Interested to know what material you are using for the rear axle plates, etc? What tubing are you using also? Thanks, great stuff, Ron.